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Oceanview Jump L.L.C. Rental Policy                        PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION

We at Oceanview Jump L.L.C. deliver the equipment to you, set it up, instruct you on safety issues and then come back to pick it up when you are finished with it.  Our staff will bring electrical cords, tarps and sandbags or stakes and everything they need to ensure a safe and secure setup.  They will need to plug into your standard 110 outlet at home.  Rental hours are from 1hr to up to 6 hrs.  Price will depend on delivery area.  Please call (361) 548-5867 for pricing and availability or you may email us at our contact page.

Set up

We generally contact you the day before your event to confirm details.  At this time we’ll confirm final payment, method of payment, space requirements, delivery times, Etc.  We’ll need someone at the event to show us where to set up.  We’ll find out before set up if you’re event is on grass, asphalt, etc.  We’ll also need to know if there are sprinkler systems.   Inflatables can ONLY be operated safely if they are well-secured.  Drivers are required to pick up final payment at set up unless you’ve made arrangements with our office.  Failure to make this payment could result in your event being delayed or stopped.

Delivery & Pick up Policy

We do our own deliveries we do not allow any pickups due to safety reasons.  We set up and breakdowns to keep all customers safe.  We may need to set up your rental unit up to 3hours earlier than your schedule rental setup time due to delivery routing requirements.  An early set up will not effect your scheduled take down time and will not incur any additional cost to you.  If the setup time will be earlier than 2 hours before your scheduled rental time, we will call you as soon as we finish the routing to let you know the approximate time we will at your location.  If requested we can have the driver call when en-route to your location.  Since our drivers are setting up at different locations during the day, it’s very important that the person responsible at the event be there on time to meet the driver for safety and setup instructions.  One late customer in the morning can cause much stress for everyone else.  Please note:  Drivers do not go up and down stairs/hills etc.  Set up locations should be easily accessible from  the delivery truck.

Rain Policy

For the safety of all participants, Oceanview Jump L.L.C. has the right to cancel an event due to bad weather conditions such as: rain or high wind.  Should this happen, the customer will be contacted by a representative of Oceanview Jump L.L.C. as far in advance as possible.  Likewise the customer has the right to cancel their reservation in the event of bad weather conditions.  Once the inflatable is set up, full payment is expected.

Payment Policy

Payment is due upon delivery and we only accept cash payment, exception for schools, church and corporate events.  If you would like to leave a deposit you may call us to arrange a time.  All orders require a 25% deposit we do not refund deposits, because the chances of renting the equipment to someone else is greatly reduced after it has been reserved.  There are special circumstances where we do not require a deposit.  Don’t hesitate to call the office to inquire.

Rental Cancellation

If you cancel your booking you will receive a raincheck for your deposit that is good for up to one year towards your next rental.  We appreciate that you contact us as soon you decide the weather is not acceptable.

If you agree to the rental and the unit is set-up you are then responsible for the rental and we cannot refund your payment.

Because of the unpredictability of weather, it is possible that weather may turn bad after the unit is set up.  In that case, please follow the steps below:

·         Get everybody out of the unit

·         Unplug the blower from the outlet

·         If the rain stops or winds decrease to a safe level, you can plug the blower back in.  If the unit is wet from rain, give the kids some towels and dry off the unit as they play.

We believe that this policy provides fairness to both the renter and Oceanview Jump L.L.C. while maintaining our safety first.

Waterslides Policy

Waterslides  must be within 75ft of 110 outlet, Preferably on concrete set up for waterslides if possible Please stay on tarps when in use of the waterslide, to keep the water in the pool and unit clean as possible.   Please do not move the unit after it has been securely staked down.   “Customer must provide water source and hose to reach pool area of unit.”


Customer is responsible for all damages to unit or rental equipment.

Early shut down

If event is shut down early, please call the office at (361) 548-5867.  There are no refunds due to early pick up for any reason.

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